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                  • Truck Driver
                    Place: Suzhou Number: 2 Education:Not limited to Time: 2017-04 Application

                    To ensure that the customer goods on time delivery, according to the company planning the route requirements delivery.


                    1、haveB2Driver 's license, freight certificate. Driving age5Years above, familiarShanghai, Wuxi, Nanjing area route;

                    2、According to the scheduling arrangements for goods delivery;
                    、Responsible for the company vehicle maintenance, maintenance (minor failure), clean, annual inspection work;

                    4、With excellent driving skills, no bad driving record, no major accidents and traffic violations, with a strong sense of security;

                    5、Have a certain sense of service; active enthusiasm, polite.

                  • Planning Specialist
                    Place: suzhou Number: 1 Education:College and above Time: 2017-04 Application

                    1、Promotional materials (color pages, websites, online publicity, etc.) planning;

                    2、Do the industry exhibition information collection work, responsible for the exhibition planning, implementation, tracking;

                    3、 Do corporate culture propaganda;

                    4、Copy of the writing, responsible for the corporate culture of the publicity program;

                    5、The company marketing section of the festival to give customers the gift program;

                    6、Selection and participation of industry associations;

                    7、Other tasks assigned by superior.


                    1、College degree or above, graphic design or interior design and other related professional graduation;

                    2More than two years relevant work experience, domestic and international exhibition planning work experience is preferred;

                    3, Have a strong visual ability and aesthetic ability, will be a certain mapping software;

                    4、Be good at network promotion and website construction;

                    5、Work seriously responsible, expression, communication ability, cheerful personality.

                  • Customer Service
                    Place: suzhou Number: 2 Education:College Time: 2017-04 Application

                    Responsible for the company's network sales platform for customer advice and order processing.


                    1、More than one year working experience, familiar with office automation, typing speed of not less than 60 per minute;

                    2、Familiar with the electricity business processes, such as: Taobao, Lynx, integrity and other related network sales;

                    3、Strong sense of responsibility, patient and meticulous.

                  • Art Designer
                    Place: suzhou Number: 2 Education:College and above Time: 2017-04 Application

                    1、Shop product optimization, including product description, page design, classification design;

                    2、Taobao and other third - party e - commerce platform shop decoration, layout, classification, etc.

                    3、The shop products to make the corresponding sales Banner and advertising page;

                    4、The shop's promotional page, product feature page, shop promotion page for art design.


                    1. 大專及以上學歷,3年以上的設計工作經驗;

                    2. 熟練掌握相關的技術軟件,如:Photoshop、Dreamweaver、Illustrator等;

                    3. 有一定美術功底,平面設計、網頁設計專業及相關經驗者優先;

                    4. 溝通能力強,有較強的執行能力和團隊合作精神。

                  • Domestic Marketing Representative
                    Place: Suzhou Jinfeng South Road East a Science and Technology Park Number: 5 Education:College Time: 2017-03 Application

                    According to the company platform development, maintenance of customers.


                    1、ollege degree, excellent ability may be appropriate to reduce this standard。

                    2、More than one year business experience, outstanding graduates can also be.

                    3、Individuals have a strong desire to develop in the sales industry, can be hard-working. Outgoing personality, quick response, strong expression, good personal image.

                    Double break, salary structure: the basic salary + commission, the ability of outstanding monthly salary up to tens of thousands.

                  • Foreign Trade
                    Place: Suzhou Jinfeng South Road East a Science and Technology Park Number: 3 Education:College and above Time: 2017-03 Application

                    Based on the company platform development, maintenance of overseas customers.


                    1、Associate degree or above, major in international trade, English and business English;

                    2、Six months or more experience in foreign trade, skilled operating B2B platform, Alibaba operating experience is preferred;

                    3、Fluent in spoken and written English;

                    4、Familiar with foreign trade processes, with good business development capabilities and business negotiation skills;

                    5.Have a strong sense of professionalism, team spirit and independent ability to work, work at ease, serious and responsible.

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