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                  Inflatable Air Bag

                  The inflatable air bag is widely used in the packaging of alcohol, skin care, fruit, milk powder beverage, electronic products, spare parts precision instruments, ceramics, household appliances, and so on. It can effectively prevent shock and pressure, cushion protection, and the maximum protection of goods probably be damaged during transportation. 

                  We offer the air charger with the inflatable air bag.

                  1、The inflatable air bag is composed of 99% air and 1% PE film, which greatly saves the storage space .

                  2、Different series of air bags can withstand the pressure of 10-50kgs, which can effectively absorb the impact of the shock, impact and throw of the cargo during transportation.

                  3、We offer the same series of inflatable devices, which can be charged and packed in your packaging whenever and wherever you want.

                  4、Used for packing, placed around the carton bottom inside, filling and support the gap in the cabinet, 360 ° care for packaging product.

                  5、 The inflatable air bag unit that is designed with the dotted line and easy to tear , no need to be cut, how much you use how much you tear.

                  6、 We offer Customized LOGO and art printing design, as an enterprise recognition can enhance the brand image

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