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                  Heat Insulation Material of Buliding

                  This is a new type of environment-friendly insulating material installed in the building. The intermediate layer is PE polyethylene bubble or XPE foam, the outer layer is aluminum foil, and is processed by special machine. The polyethylene material can be added with colorant or flame retardant. It can be used for the domestic b-class flame retardant effect or the foreign authoritative testing institution's fire rating certificate (SGS, TUV, AWTA, etc.). The surface of the outer layer of aluminum foil can be coated (anti-oxidation layer) to prolong the use of aluminum foil and minimize the emission rate. There are three main types of heat conduction: radiation, conduction and convection. I group company research and development of the new thermal insulation material (patent no. : 2009 2013 3016.6) appeared not only solved the previous glass fiber and foaming materials brought to human body discomfort and environmental damage, etc., and can Pierce iron, concrete, wood and ordinary insulating materials of uv and entered the room. Using the characteristics of aluminum foil reflective against heat and the combination of polyethylene material, make it not only has good insulation, heat reflection, heat insulation, function, but also by the properties of the material on the housing application (roof, walls, floor) can have very good moistureproof, heat preservation,


                  1、 Soft, light-weight, easy to install, environmental friendly.

                  2、 Summer day: heat insulation, high reflectivity, have sealing function and energy saving of air conditional.

                  3、 Winter: has the heat preservation effect, can save the heating, has the energy saving effect.


                  Installed at the roof of factory, warehouse, office building, commercial residential, also can be installed at the inner side of  the wall and under floor. It can also be used as protective layer of air conditioner, water heater, water pipe,etc.

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